Seeger Salvas is a remarkably successful San Francisco law firm specializing in litigation and jury trials. Our focus is litigating product liability, insurance bad faith and commercial disputes. Based in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district, Seeger Salvas is comprised of experienced attorneys all of whom came from some of the largest most prestigious law firms in California. Despite these big-firm roots, Seeger Salvas delivers efficiency not always found in large law firms.

We are familiar with the demands of large companies and comfortable with the complexities of dealing with multiple divisions of international corporations. We are equally adept at providing efficient and effective solutions for middle-market and small businesses as well as individuals.

Seeger Salvas is a perfect alternative for companies that have traditionally turned to large law firms for their litigation. We offer high-quality legal representation at competitive rates – without the inefficiencies that can be found in the structure of a large firm. More importantly, we have a philosophy that early case evaluation with a view to speedy disposition is the best way to control costs. Nevertheless, we do not shy away from the courtroom when it’s appropriate, and we have an enviable record of success in that arena.